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Prenat GoldTM Prenatal is a complete multi- vitamin supplement specifically formu- lated to deliver the essential building blocks both you and your baby need. Prenat GoldTM Prenatal multivitamin contains important nutrients for the healthy development of brain, eye, spinal cord, and immune system of an unborn child, while maintaining the optimum health condition of the mother. Taking Prenat GoldTM Prenatal prior to pregnancy will head start your unborn baby’s develop- ment from the earliest stage possible. Prenat GoldTM Prenatal is designed to provide folic acid that is extremely import- ant in preventing and reducing the risk of brain and spinal cord birth defects, espe- cially during the first trimester.

Taking Prenat GoldTM Prenatal supplement daily along with a healthy, balanced diet will provide optimal levels of essential nutri- ents. Prenat GoldTM Prenatal will supply important nutrients a woman’s body needs before, during and after pregnancy.

Healthy Babies & Healthy Mothers

As a mother you want the best possible mul -vitamin for you and your baby. When you take Prenat Gold Prenatal Supplement you can be assured that you are ge ng the most complete prenatal vitamin available. Prenat Gold Prenatal blend provides you with all the essen- al nutrients needed for your baby’s health during this special me in your life.

Studies demonstra ng how safe, op mal potencies of specific nutrients can reduce premature delivery and lower the rate of birth defects. Other poten al benefits include stronger bones, be er birth weight and healthy growth along with lung, eye and immune health. Prenat Gold Prenatal was designed to taken before, during and a er pregnancy for complete protec on.

Key Benefits
  • Increased Fertlity
  • Reduced Premature Delivery
  • Lower Rate of Birth Defects
  • Better Baby’s Bone Density
  • Better Birth Weight
  • Healthy Growth, Lung, Eye & Immune Health